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About Peak Performance Consulting: Driving Business Success

We are a premier business consulting agency based in San Francisco, California. Our experienced professionals are committed to providing tailor-made strategies that help businesses optimize their operations and achieve their full potential.

Transforming Businesses with Proven Success

At Wellness Beings, we are focused on the wellbeing of our clients as we collaborate with them on their success journey. Here are some key metrics that demonstrate our expertise and the research that supports the value we bring to our clients.


Years of Experience

25 years of technology industry experience.


Transform Individual Performance

96% of organizations report to have seen individual
performance improve since coaching was introduced. Nearly
as many (92%) also have seen improvements in leadership and
management effectiveness (“Coaching Counts,” 2007).

77% Positive Impact

Transform your Organization with Team Coaching

* 77% of the respondents indicated that coaching had a significant or very significant impact on at least one of nine
business measures. Productivity (60% favorable) and employee
satisfaction (53%) were cited as the most significantly impacted
by the coaching (Anderson, 2001).
(Talboom, 1999).
* At the organizational level, the participants asserted they
witnessed lower rates of absence among subordinates 35% improved on leadership. 28% improved as a management
team. 33% improved on business deliverables. And, 67%
improved on personal balance (“When Coaching Measures,”


Years of Building and Leading Global Teams

Of Leadership Development of talent at global level. Building a team that transformed an entire industry sector.

“I highly recommend working with Kelly as coach. He is dedicated and analytical in any sort of problem solving. Worked over the years with Kelly in different capacities and he has always done the job with excellence”.

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