What People Say About our Team

Testimonials: Real Stories of Success and Satisfaction

Mohammed Shanableh

Managing Director – Lydia Partners

“I highly recommend working with Kelly as coach. He is dedicated and analytical in any sort of problem solving. Worked over the years with Kelly in different capacities and he has always done the job with excellence!”

Deborah Berry

Owner – In Touch Therapeutics

“Kelly is an excellent coach who helped me with several challenges I was facing, both personally and professionally. He helped me navigate difficult situations and gave the tools to construct healthy dialogue with myself and others and maintain awareness of how I react in certain situations. His methods are unintrusive, giving thoughtful questions to puzzle out the pieces myself so I have a more thorough understanding of the challenges I was facing and I can now confidently navigate future problems as well. I highly recommend his services!”

Matt Dillon

World Wide Services Leader at Microsoft

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelly at a couple of different companies over the last two decades and been able to witness the expansion of his skills and abilities over the years into the trusted leader/advisor he is today.

Kelly has always been one of those folks that inspire trust and confidence…from his extensive background of technical expertise to his repeated ability to bootstrap impactful teams & deliveries, to his ability to manage and guide change by influence and example… Kelly is the whole package.

With his extensive and varied background, Kelly is as effective externally with customers as he is internally with people, teams and compassionate hard truths of what works and (more importantly) what does not.

10 out of 10 would recommend highly (with me leading the pack).”

Jamal Bethea

Veteran | Proud Baltimorean | Technology Detective | Product Marketer | I create product demand through story building

“Kelly is truly exceptional. Our paths crossed through ITSMF, where he gracefully coached and mentored me during my successful completion of the ITSMF Management Academy. Without his unwavering support, none of it would have been possible. Whenever I needed Kelly, he would drop everything to offer his undivided attention. His coaching surpassed any I had experienced before. He possesses a rare ability to connect with others, meeting them where they are and elevating them to recognize their higher purpose. Thanks to him, I now carry myself with greater confidence in any professional or personal setting. Thank you, Kelly, for your invaluable impact.”

David Bastiani

Technical Program Manager – Microsoft (Azure for Operators)

“Kelly hired and managed a team of engineers responsible for driving successful sales outcomes for us. Leading from the front, Kelly regularly traveled the globe to work side by side with his reports, affording him the opportunity to both introduce our product portfolio to team members, as well as communicate the company‚Äôs processes and values. He managed the team with both compassion and empathy through numerous challenges brought by competition and life events, and grew the team along the way. It was always a pleasure to work with Kelly and his team and I would look forward to the opportunity to do so again..”

Bandhan Dutta

Principle Technical Program Manager – Microsoft (Azure for Operators)

“Kelly’s unique talent lies in identifying and nurturing leadership qualities in individuals. His personalized approach empowers team members, fostering both personal and professional growth. His commitment to team building is outstanding, promoting collaboration, effective communication, and a shared vision among team members. One of Kelly’s standout qualities is his dedication to excellence, evident in the successful outcomes of major projects under his leadership. His emphasis on accountability and ownership has been crucial in navigating complexities and driving projects to success across the globe amidst challenging and diverse cultures.

I am a living testament to the positive impact of Kelly’s leadership skills. Under his guidance, I have progressed from an individual contributor to a regional leader and, eventually, to a well-respected Global leader at Microsoft. Kelly’s mentorship has not only contributed to my success but has also strengthened the overall capabilities of our team and the company at large.”

Catriona Johnston

Global Account Manager/ Key Account Director at James Fisher

“Kelly sat down with me and gave me a real-life example of how coaching with him would look and feel like. This was a really great experience and made me really understand the value his coaching could provide to me.”